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Atmospheric optics

  1. Tornado Alley
    Howard B. Bluestein
    Oxford University Press (1999) - ISBN 0-19-510552-4

    Bluestein's Tornado Alley is one of the standard references for introductory reading on how supercell thunderstorms and tornadoes form. The book contains many spectacular color photographs. I find the line of the story sometimes a bit chaotic, but it is interesting reading.

  2. Under the Whirlwind
    Arjen and Jerrine Verkaik
    Whirlwind Books, Elmwood, Ontario, Canada (1997) - ISBN 0-9681537-0-4

    Verkaik is a well-known weather photographer and writer. This book is easy reading, and contains mostly stories and events connected to tornadoes, some of which are really bizarre.

  3. Spacious Skies
    Richard Scorer / Arjen Verkaik
    David & Charles, Newton Abbot, London (1989) - ISBN 0-7153-9139-9

    A book which is a mixture between a photo gallery and a reference. Many cloud shapes and patterns are explained with text and (satellite) photographs. I like this book a lot, even though it misses many phenomena which should have been included.

  4. Noctilucent clouds
    M. Gadsden, W. Schroeder
    Springer-Verlag (1989) - ISBN 0-387-50685-3

    A (if not the) standard reference for noctilucent clouds, Noctilucent Clouds is a scientific university-level book about research in noctilucent clouds. The only downside of this book is that it is very expensive and hard to obtain. The book also contains a very large reference list to scientific articles on noctilucent clouds.