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Atmospheric optics

  1. Weather forecasting handbook
    Tim Vasquez
    Weather Graphics Technologies (2001) - ISBN 0-9706840-0-2

    A very handy book about interpreting weather maps and data. The book explains weather phenomena such as cyclones, fronts, troughs and so on very well. The humoristic side notes help make this book fun and easy to read.

  2. International Marine's Weather predicting simplified
    Michael William Carr
    International Marine / McGraw-Hill (1999) - ISBN 0-07-012031-5

    This is a very good book on the basics of weather forecasting. The book contains lots of diagrams, pictures and satellite photos as examples of weather situations, well-commented and very helpful to learn to interpret computer models and satellite imagery.

  3. Atmosphere, Weather & Climate
    Roger G. Barry / Richard J. Chorley
    Routledge, New York (1998) - ISBN 0-415-16020-0

    For some reason, I have a lot of trouble reading this book for a long period of time. The book gives an introduction into meteorology, and explains the atmospheric dynamics with diagrams, example charts and graphs, and some sparse math formulae. However, I had trouble interpreting the style of writing: I found the text somewhat vague. But that is just my personal experience with it.

  4. Aviation Weather
    Peter F. Lester
    Jeppesen Sanderson Inc. (1997) - ISBN 0-88487-178-9

    This book explains the weather for pilots, as the title suggests. It is nice having to complement the many other weather-forecasting books which focus more on computer model output interpretation than on visual observation. Many cloud forms and phenomena (e.g. microbursts) are explained as well.

  5. The weather book - an easy-to-understand guide to the USA's weather
    Jack Williams
    Vintage books / Random house, Inc (1997) - ISBN 0-679-77665-6

    This book describes most if not all weather phenomena which occur over the USA. It comes with a history of the USA's weather, such as blizzards, tornadoes, floods etc. It explains in for the general reader easy-to-understand language the physics of weather: fronts, troughs, low/high pressure systems, the jetstream, and much more. This book is most useful as a basic introduction to the weather.

  6. The Handy Weather Answer Book
    Walter A. Lyons
    Visible Ink Press (1997) - ISBN 0-7876-1034-8

    This book contains answers to many questions people may have about all kinds of weather and meteorology. This title was suggested by Susie Concilio. A more detailed review will follow when I have this book in my collection.

  7. Snow Crystals
    W.A. Bentley, W.J. Humphreys
    Dover Publications, Inc. (1962) - ISBN 0-486-20287-9

    This book is unique in its sort. It largely consists of photographs of snow crystals (and frost). There are 2453 illustrations in the book, after a short introduction on snow crystal types and how to photograph these.