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How to order

Browse the photo galleries and when you see a photo you would like to have, choose a size and click 'purchase print'. This will add the print to your order and you will be presented with a screen that lists your order. You can continue browsing the galleries and choosing more prints, or you can place the order as it is.

Print sizes

Available sizes with prices are listed below. These prices do not include shipping and handling.

Size (in)5x78x1012x1816x2016x2420x3024x3636x5448x6048x72
Price (USD)5.9019.5059.0078.0094.00139.00198.00424.00629.00756.00

Prints up to 8x10 inches are printed either on Kodak or Fuji photographic paper, by a standard photo lab. Larger sized photos are printed on Fujicolor Crystal Archive paper using a Lightjet printer at a professional photo lab. The Lightjet prints on photographic paper using three colored laser beams (red, green and blue) and offers the highest quality photographic prints currently available. I offer unmounted prints only in either matte or glossy finish.

Picture quality

Lightjets allow printing of photographs down to 150 DPI without noticeable loss in quality due to the exceptional hardware interpolation technology. I can scan my 35mm slides up to 4000 DPI, so I do not recommend print sizes over 24x36 inches. You can buy larger prints if you want, but keep in mind that picture quality may be less than optimal, so these large prints should be looked at from some distance rather than up close.

Print tone: depending on your monitor settings, the pictures as they appear on your monitor may differ from the actual print. Slight differences in color between the print and your monitor are possible and I assume you are aware of this when you purchase a print.

Turnaround times

When I receive an order, I first scan the image to digital file and make it suitable for printing by the lab. This process usually takes about a day. Getting the file to the lab and printing takes a few days for prints up to 8x10 inches, and over a week for larger prints. Then I mail the print to you. Depending on the print size, it can take two to three weeks for you to receive the picture, so keep this in mind if you want to order a print for a gift.


  • 35mm prints with aspect ratios other than 2:3 will be cropped either in height or width in order to fit the smaller dimension of the paper. I crop the parts of the image that show the least interesting background.

  • Prints up to 8x10 inches are mailed in flat envelopes; prints over this size are mailed in the same packaging as I receive them from the photo lab (usually either a flat carton package with several layers of paper for added protection and stiffness, or mailed in a tube).

  • I accept the following types of payment:
    1. major credit cards or direct money transfer through Paypal (all customers)
    2. checks drawn in USD from a US bank (US customers)
    3. national or international postal money orders (USD) (all customers)

  • I will start processing your order as soon as payment is made (e.g. your money order arrives or your check clears). If you want to have your order processed immediately please pay by Paypal, as this is the fastest and most convenient way.

  • I don't supply digital files for your own printing. I only sell rights to companies for one-time reproduction of digital files.