Sunny day (w-663-03)

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This photo is a multiple exposure of the sun as it rises in the east, moves across the sky and sets in the west. The photo was taken on November 13, in New Mexico (USA). At this time of year the sun does not rise high in the sky; it rises in the southeast and sets in the southwest. It was difficult to take this photo, since it required me to be with the camera for a full day in a remote canyon, crossing my fingers that no clouds would occur, and trying to stay awake.

The photo was taken using a Nikon FE fitted with a Sigma 16mm fisheye lens, with an ND5 solar filter on the back. The sun was photographed every 15 minutes, with the camera on a sturdy tripod. At noon, with the sun directly south, the solar filter was temporarily removed to expose the foreground. This was done while shielding the sky so the bright sun would not expose the film. In the evening, when the sun set behind the mountains another full background exposure was made to expose the blue sky. The foreground at this time was too dark to register on film, so that had to be done at noon.