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It took a while (an understatement), but at last I finished a new version of this website. I received several comments from people that nothing was being updated anymore - which was annoying because I had an almost fully new site offline which I was working on all the time.

Now what is all different with the new version?

  • Structure: everything is rewritten in a script language (PHP) and all photos and photo descriptions are in a SQL database. Updating and managing the site without a dynamic content was not feasible anymore. The site is more consistent now, and only consists of a handfull of script files rather than the hundreds of separate HTML files. So, updating will be more frequent in the future. Also, the site is less prone to bad internal links.

  • Galleries: several galleries may only show one or a few photos. Most of the about 500 rolls of film I shot in the past years I could not sort out and scan yet. This means that some photos are older, taken with inferior camera equipment, and that newer galleries may only contain a few photos. Please visit back if you want to see more!

  • Also, there is a new gallery - the miscellaneous gallery. This gallery contains all phenomena which are related to the weather in some way or another, and don't fit in the other galleries. This gallery is still fresh, and growing.

  • Where is the guest photo gallery? I decided to remove this feature for now, because I have too little time to keep it updated. I don't know yet if I will include the guest photo gallery or not; there is not really a nice way to do this. But many people submitted photos which never showed up on this site, for which I offer my sincere apologies. Many of the photos were very beautiful or interesting in some way. I hope to find a way/time sometime to include the guest photo gallery and keep it updated (that is the biggest problem - finding more time).

  • Photo orders - I now accept photo orders, but as of the time of this writing no information about that is on my site yet. You can email me for inquiries and prices.

These are the most dramatic changes. I hope you will enjoy your visit to this site. I spent many sleepy hours deep in the nights with small and burning computer-eyes coding the new site - since my studies allow for very little spare time. The site is not at all finished, but now in a state that is acceptable for the public to view.

Last note: please bear with me in the coming months while I repair any errors which may be in this site. I can't really test most of the things before putting it online for the public.

Harald Edens
December 17, 2002
Revised on May 5, 2005